Author: Mugilan Muralitharan, Syed Ahmad Helmi and Kamarulafizam bin Ismail

Abstract: Aesthetic value of the automotive car seat has been one of the selling point of each car besides providing functions such as being safe, supportive as well provide comfort to the occupants. Criteria that have been considered besides the aesthetic element are cushion foam and self-adjustment factor. Ergonomics are not new issue to be brought up as most of the existing seat design today have already practiced. Existing car seat manufacturers have considered anthropometry data. The average upon 95th percentile of human measurement had been deliberated. However, issues such as time spent driving and seat design issue have arisen upon the search of comfort and rising of musculoskeletal disease such as back ache pain. As a solution, this study would propose an automotive car seat design of ergonomic evolution which would create comfort by manipulating the seat cushion foams. The proposed seat cushion foam would be replacing the existing polymers with bean bag foam. This has been inspired by the nature of bean bag, fitting up and providing comfort to the occupants of various body sizes and shapes. Malaysian anthropometry measurement required for design of car seat are obtained which are later compared with the existing seats of commercial vehicle. The most appropriate design principle is used as reference. Pressure mapping of respondent seating on the existing car seat are obtained by literature review. The most sensitive compartments where discomfort have been experienced are studied and placed with sachets filed with bean bag beads. This would be then tested over a few respondents by pressure mat to figure if there were any changes in terms of comfort. This design of new car seat with a manipulation cushion foam replaced with bean bag foam could be a niche to eliminate discomfort to all range body sizes and shapes.

Keywords: Car seat; anthropometry; seat cushion foam; bean bag foam


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