Author: Muhamad Syukri ABDUL KHALID, Zulhaidi MOHD JAWI, Mohd Hafzi MD ISA and Muhamad Arif Fahmi ABDUL WAHAB

Abstract: Despite being one of the main issues in automotive consumerism in Malaysia, the importance of tyre in terms of knowledge and maintenance among users are still in doubt. It can be seen that many related tyre faulty crashes have occurred in recent years. This study aims to identify and understand car users’ knowledge and practices on tyre maintenance in Malaysia. Data collection were done among car users in Klang Valley and 247 valid responses were analysed. The results indicate that users still lack in knowledge regarding tyre specifications and details. As for the maintenance, most of the users did practice recommendations accordingly with the tyre manufacturer. Apart from that, half of the respondents never check their spare tyre’s condition and a few suggested that they have no idea about presence of spare tyre in their car. To conclude, users are still lacking in knowledge regarding tyre maintenance in terms of its specifications and ideal practices. Thus, it is recommended that users to be more aware and practice a proper tyre maintenance while ensuring their tyres are always in good condition so that may, perhaps, reduce the possibility to involve in a tyre failure related crashes.

Keywords: tyre maintenance, automotive consumerism, road safety


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